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Adobe Camera RAW v3.1 and DNG Converter v3.1

Play Speed 0. Add to Calendar. About This Class How do you make your digital images look like film? Elizabeth walks through the 4 telltale signs of ugly digital photos: No grain Terrible skin tones and highlights Chromatic aberration Oversaturation Whether you are a dipping your toe into beginner photography or expanding your practice, Elizabeth's lessons will help you develop your editorial eye to create more expressive, polished work. Creating your own. You will be invited to adjust your photography files with the help of Elizabeth's tips, and to submit them along with the raw files for constructive feedback and review.

Analyzing digital files. Elizabeth maintains that one of the most important parts of a photographer's work is how they process their files. Before you learn how to adjust raw files though, you need to know the drawbacks of shooting with digital cameras — and how to correct for common "ugly digital" mistakes.

Shoot in RAW

Elizabeth will explore concepts like color, saturation, and grain to help you train your eyes to see digital files for what they are — groups of adjustable pixels — and how to finesse them into whatever you would like them to express. Honing your toolkit. You'll learn the ins and outs of Adobe processing programs, including when and where to use Adobe Lightroom, and when Adobe Camera Raw will work better for your creative purposes.

Elizabeth will also go over the basics of the Adobe Camera Raw adjustment panel, giving you a guide for how to adjust color, vibrancy, tone, shadow, and exposure to enhance your photography's film-like qualities without the time and expense of film itself. Digital presets. Elizabeth will discuss why she often avoids the filters that are built into social media applications like VSCO and Instagram — and will reveal the only time she believes they help her create exceptional, effective art.

She will also show you how to correct batches of photographs at once, and discuss how the right filter can have the wrong consequences if shots are taken with different lenses or on different days. Color correction. You'll review how a photograph's color is affected by setting, time of day, and camera ISO, and how photographers can use basic color theory to set a mood or define their personal style. You'll play with your toolkit along with Elizabeth as she guides you to notice and address skin tone and other common challenges the way that she does.

She also reviews how to apply color strategically, enhancing shadow and highlights with different filters to create more evocative, moody work.

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Create grain and mood. Elizabeth will talk you through what photography "grain" is, and how it can be used to create cinematic photographs with the click of a few buttons. Fixing aberrations and blown-out highlights.

Adobe Camera RAW 7.0 for Photographers

You'll learn the step-by-step ways to correct for common digital file challenges like chromatic aberrations and overexposed patches of light. You'll also develop methods for coaxing more texture out of backlight photography, and to adjust your whites and highlights to make more natural, beautiful photographs.

Class Projects 54 See All Share a photo portrait with your own post-processing style. Elizabeth Weinberg 67 likes. Kristin Hoell 50 likes.


Miles Price 26 likes. Mattias Gustavsson 23 likes. Stormy Pyeatte 16 likes. In Stock. Discusses different Raw formats and helps the reader to use it properly for better images.

ISBN 13: 9780470224571

Very Good. Qty: Add to cart. Finally-a book that never forgets photography is an art form Sure, the technology matters.

About camera raw image files

But you're a photographer first. If the technology doesn't enhance the art, what's the point? Rob Sheppard knows what you want to know about using Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop[registered] CS and CS2, because he uses it in creating his own highly acclaimed photographs.

In this book, he shares the information you need in a language and context you understand, illustrated in full color with his own images.

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  • About Rob Sheppard.
  • See the benefits of higher bit depth when processing a photo. Demystify the different Raw formats. Discover what Raw can fix, and what it can't. Learn to read a histogram and use it to improve tonality and contrast. Follow a step-by-step outline to develop an efficient Camera Raw workflow. See how double processing can actually save you time and frustration and Learn to achieve maximum quality when processing Raw images.

    Raw image format - Wikipedia

    Our excellent value books literally don't cost the earth. Free delivery in Australia Read more here. Every used book bought is one saved from landfill. His commitment to bringing professional photographers together with technology that benefits their craft is nationally recognized. Part I: Capture Workflow. Chapter 2: Shoot Raw Right from the Start.

    Chapter 4: Color and Raw. Chapter 6: Workflow Applied.